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About our company

Techno-Druck Kft. was established in 1991 for international and domestic road transportation and transport organizing…

Our main goal is to please our partners with an excellent quality service and a highly outstanding value for money.

It is extremely important for us that we could always find a solution to the problems and tasks of our partners. Fleet of vehicles In order to ensure this, we have an extensive service of road freight transport and forwarding of palletised and bulk cargos and sensitive goods.

We have a GMP+ certificate and appropriate equipment for the transportation of raw material for animal feed. We have all the necessary permissions and trucks for transporting recycling materials, as well.

GMP+ certificate

All of our colleagues are committed, they have outstanding professional knowledge and their work is supported by modern, specially developed softwares. Due to our logistic skills, every cargo size from very small packages to 27 tons can be collected and delivered at high quality, quickly and at a reasonable price.

Our company has been developing continuously since 1991, so by now we have become a significant service provider of the area. Our clients can count on us as a stable, reliable partner either as an assignee or as a sub-contractor. Only perfectly performed work can be accepted by us and we demand the same from our sub-contractors, as well.


Our sub-contractors are selected according to the strict requirements of our ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system and their performance is constantly under control.

We are economically stable and have been profitable every year since our establishment disposing a Bisnode AAA, Opten A classification. The safe functioning of our reliable fleet is ensured by the fixing and maintenance work of our own workshop operated at our site.

Fleet of vehicles

In order to maintain the effective and economic operation, our fleet for palletised and bulk cargos are loadable up to 27 tons and they are also fulfilling the EEV, Euro 6 emission class...

Deliveries of Techno-Druck Kft. are performed by its own vehicles: tilt semitrailers and walking floors. Our fleet meet the highest standards of EEV and Euro 6 emission, their average lifespan is 3 years. Every truck is equipped with satellite monitoring so that we can check their position at any time of the day.

Fleet of vehicles

Due to our sub-contractors, we can provide every kind of necessary vehicles to fulfill demands of our clients: vans with maximum 1.5 tons of loading capacity, tipper trucks, vehicles transporting overweight and oversize cargos and even ADR transporting vehicles. This way we can always ensure our clients the optimal solution at a reasonable price.


Techno-Druck Kft. has been successful and able to develop every year since its foundation in 1991...

We believe that the criteria of a sustainable development is to run a business in an economical and reasonable way, to share the profit between development and renewal, including workforce.

Bisnode AAA logo

We adjust our developments to the actual market conditions. Our company is economically stabile, which is confirmed by the internationally recognized company qualifier-firm called Bisnode with an AAA certification.

Opten A logo

The outstanding economical stability of Techno-Druck Kft. is also ranked in the best, category A by Opten Kft..

TÜV logo

Every work process meet the standards of ISO 9001:2015. Our workers know and comply with the regulations. We also keep the regulations of the ISO 14001 environment protection standard.

We have liability insurances, comprehensive insurances, international and national road transport liability insurances, professional and transporter liability insurances, which provide us and our partners a suitable monetary security. If our client requires or because of the high value of the goods makes it unavoidable, we can take out extra insurances.