Cookie policy

Techno-Druck Kft. is careful and accurate not only at transporting of your cargo, but also at handling your personal data, in compliance with the relevant laws.

Our website uses cookies for the convenience of our visitors.

What are those cookies?
"Cookies" are small packets of text that are placed in your browser and thus on your computer or device when you visit a particular website. Cookies allow a given website to recognize the visitor on the next visit, thereby providing security, convenience features and improving the user experience while browsing the site.
Cookies can be distinguished e.g. based on their function or storage period (expiration date). "Expiration" means that after this time the cookie will be automatically deleted by the browser. There are cookies that are placed directly by the operator of the site, while some are placed by third parties when they use the services they embed on the site (e.g. Google Maps, Youtube video playback, etc.).

Techno-Druck Kft. strives to ensure that visitors of its website browse it as smoothly as possible without having to over-expose their personal data.
In order to achieve this, we have designed our website to not embed third-party services in our pages, so that they cannot place cookies in a way that is beyond our control and without the permission of our visitors.

Description of cookies used by our website:

Name of cookie Function Stored data Expiration
tdt_cookie Here we store whether the visitor has consented to the use of cookies. ' 1 ' - consented
' 0 ' - did not consent

If this cookie does not already exist on the visitor's computer, a request to consent to the storage of cookies (the "bar") will appear at the bottom of the browser window.
1 year
tdt_language This cookie stores the language in which the visitor wishes to continue browsing our website. ' hu ' - in Hungarian
' de ' - in German
' en ' - in English

If this cookie does not already exist on the visitor's computer or device, our server will automatically set the language based on the language settings sent by the visitor's browser (mostly fine, but this depends on the information we receive). Our website will be displayed in Hungarian in case of a Hungarian language operating system and browser, in German if German is detected, and in all other cases in English. We can change this temporarily with the language setting option in the upper right corner of the website, but if you accept cookies, your selection will be stored and you will not always have to set the language again for future visits.
1 year

How do you handle cookies?
You can manage cookies with the appropriate functions of the browser you are using (view, delete, etc.). These are usually accessed by opening "Privacy" or "Privacy and Security" in the Settings menu of your browser.

We also offer you an easier way to delete cookies saved by the Techno-Druck Kft. website:

Clicking on the button above will delete all cookies saved by our website to your device and we will redirect your browser to the homepage of our website as if you were visiting us for the first time. After redirecting, the language of our website may change as we no longer store your personal settings in the form of cookies in your browser.